Radio Transmissions (bIONIX)

from everything in ones and zeros by The Black Penguins



One day just messing around doing some recording in an old building my Fender Twin amp picked up a radio program so I hit record.

What you hear is unedited just me messing around with my pedals. Then my friend bIONX who was with me played some samples live towards the end. I then took that and added some drums and this is the result.


from everything in ones and zeros, released June 15, 2015
eric "eroctech" toledo - guitars, drum programing, recording & mixing
bIONIX - ni maschine played live




The Black Penguins Chico, California

Müzak by eroctech.

The Black Penguins are an experimental, electronic, post-rock, instrumental, psychedelic band.

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